Wednesday, January 17, 2018

To the Fullest Intent of the Law


BREAKING: Canadian bishops condemn Trudeau’s pro-abortion pledge for summer job grants

What follows is written by me, David Foster:

To the fullest intent of the Law!!!

Resolve to resolve infinitely!!!

Neither the lay persons who take up this issue, nor the bishops, understand how to frame a solution to this conflict.

So here will I:

The Law is not to condemn but to present an opportunity to encounter infinite perfection.
Those who use the law to condemn would have thrown the stone at the prostitute before Jesus gave his verdict on her after writing or drawing in the sand.

Yes, the Federal Government is using the law to condemn businesses that do not sign on condoning abortion and gender issues. But first, those businesses are using their faith as an excuse to condemn the persons engaged in those issues. The issues are not the problem. The condemnation, on both sides, is the problem.

No one takes pleasure in being a social pariah in any sense – neither those engaged in social issues nor those acting on their faith. The solution was basically screamed out by Jesus with all his life, body and blood: “FORGIVE!!!!”

In my opinion, the bishops need to say that killing is wrong, and skirt the justifications that fetuses are not alive, as well as that war is not murder. The government needs to allow those believing they are engaged in their faith to make the same mistake that those engaged in social issues are making, by crafting laws accordingly. Because if the government does not craft laws accordingly there will be conflict in the streets of their jurisdictions. Satan the Opposer will command both those engaged in faith and those engaged in social issues to destroy each other, without resolving anything.

Resolve, Resolve, Resolve!!! This is the challenge of faith we all face everyday in everything.
Only Forgiveness allows any person to resolve anything.

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