Monday, December 2, 2013

Watercolour Abstracts ? 2013-11-14, 11-28 The Spirit of One

2013-11-14, 11-28   4 hours   10-1/4" x 13-1/4" painted area

I consider this one to be much better, yet I can still do better . . .
Can you see the improvement ?
I find my brushwork, including large washes, and thinking while painting are improving greatly by doing these abstracts.

This was done in two three hour sessions, on November 14th, and November 28th, totaling less than four hours.  There are some real problems, such as miss counting and having latitudinal eights with longitudinal twelves, but I am pleased with where this is heading. For the next one I do, which will pretty much be the same as this, I may just start out laying in the marks and try to build up the two tori, still working back to front.
As well, I can practice on the place mats at the Friday Community Dinner at Wellington Square United Church, as I did last Friday, below.

These abstracts are really forcing me to think as I paint, and I expect my skills to improve for having done these.
These abstracts are developing an understanding of the Spirit of One from the HESUS JOY CHRIST  animation.

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