Monday, December 2, 2013

HESUS JOY CHRIST : Discussion of the Animation

Well, hopefully this is it - I am only waiting for this print book of the blog posts discussing the HESUS JOY CHRIST animation to be approved for retail distribution.  Most of the text can be read at
and the additional material that is only in the book, with a few exceptions, can be read in the preview of the book on the website, once final approval for retail distribution has been obtained.  If the cost is prohibitive, contact me at and I will ship a copy direct to you with the understanding that you will provide me with the right to present your 250 word review of this book within six months.

The stress is whether I will need to make changes to obtain approval for this self published book to be accepted for retail distribution, but even more stress around whether it will sell, as I put a lot of work into it over the last three years, but then if it does sell, I am concerned the audience may take issue with it.  Oh well - "alea jacta est".

I may receive approval on or around January 8th, 2014.  I will post any events around this book here.

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