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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold Discussion of Verse Twenty-two



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Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing on with the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold !!

 Verse 22     

 … .. . 22and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him.
from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Four, New International Version
 Verse 22     

… .. . 22and immediately they left the boat of their father and kept track of One.
from the text of the animation  HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold  
written by R David Foster

 Verse 22 Discussion      
          For James and John to leave their business and father to follow Jesus is a big decision, demanding a spur of the moment commitment.  But for Mandy and John to pay attention to the witness of the sacred One relationship requires much less of a commitment. It only requires a bit of attention, and they need not leave anything in their life, other than manage their attention so as to be aware of the sacred One relationship.  They may not pay so much attention to their finances and business, as their father has, and spend a little more time paying attention to the balance of whole and part in the witness of the sacred One relationship.

. .. ... and immediately they left the boat of their father . .. ...

           This may seem irresponsible to not pay full attention to the demands of self sufficiency, but in reality, this is what their father has done so as to raise a family and maintain a marriage to their mother.  Likewise, following the sacred One relationship is not so radical at all !

            I am reading the Qu'ran, and up to only Surah 3 – Al-'Imran, or The Family of 'Imran, page 29 of 429 pages, and the third chapter of 114 chapters.  For those interested, the translation I have is by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.  To me it comes across as a litany of rules, each numbered, and they all seem unconnected. My understanding is that all of these rules, when understood as a whole, will create a profound understanding of existence, or at least that is my hope.  It seems written to be a concrete, knowable and practical guide to the infinite, and the infinite person, God.

           Christianity, on the other hand, is full of parables that seem to confuse many people, although they are readily ripe with meaning for me.  As well, Christianity has many mysteries, of which one is the Trinity, which are to be believed without a full understanding, seemingly demanding blind faith.  I have found, however, that blind faith is a dead end, the same dead end as the belief in magic, and I instead ponder the mysteries presented, in faith, and receive insight from day to day as I ponder these mysteries.

           So where Islam demands accepting the litany of rules, and considering them all as one, Christianity demands accepting quite a few mysteries, and considering them as one, to benefit from a thorough understanding of each of these guides to the infinite, and the infinite person, God.  Where Christianity presents lofty ideas, full of complex relationships, Islam provides concrete rules, that are to be taken as a whole, both leading to a comprehension of the infinite, although each approach is unique.
           So one must consider all the seemingly disconnected elements of their existence, and develop a single, as each person is a single entity – one, comprehension that approaches infinity, both within one's own practice of faith, as well as amongst the secular world they find themselves in, if not the approaches to infinity presented by other faith practices, and manage a comprehension of their own.  My experience and comprehension points to a concrete guide, that of balancing whole and part, and in pursuit of this balance, marriage stands out as a fundamental foundation for this way of life, balancing whole and part.  In such a practice, one may encounter revelations that are overwhelmingly obvious, once encountered.  Mandy and John may come to an awareness of the importance of marriage, balancing whole and part, both by the witness of the sacred One relationship, and the witness of their father, as well as mother.  It makes sense that Mandy and John's parents would value marriage, yet Mandy and John, as single people, have to come to value marriage in their own awareness, and when and if this happens, it will seem overwhelmingly obvious, once they are aware of such value.
. .. and kept track of One.
           Zebedee may have been quite pleased to see his sons take up the opportunity Jesus presented to them, and Zebedee may have been comforted that his sons were able to do what he never had the opportunity to do, and could not now take up the opportunity due to commitments and physical inability. There may be hardships for Zebedee, who has lost the efforts of his sons, but he may endure these hardships willingly and joyfully, knowing that the tasks his sons have taken up are worth his efforts at enduring his own hardships.  John the Baptist knew he must decrease as Jesus and his ministry increased.
           This is the attitude that parents need to take toward their adult children.  They must make do without their offspring so that their offspring can mature and grow into what they may become and succeed as persons.  This is what Jesus did with his disciples.  He left to prepare a place for them.  This is often taken as if Jesus would do such things as build a house where they would all live together.  This understanding is mistaken.  Jesus did not leave to go to another place to prepare a place for his disciples – Jesus' departure alone prepared a place by leaving a hole for the disciples to fill.  Jesus promised to be with them, but only in spirit, and not physically, so that they would take up the work Jesus did for themselves, and grow into the likeness of Jesus and take on his role for themselves.  This is why parents must allow their adult children to leave, and live apart from them, so that they will grow into full adults, and perhaps nurture others of their own.

           If the word “man” means “human” or “person”, and includes both genders, then it should also mean that a person will leave their father and mother and cling to their spouse, so that the two will become one flesh.  And whatever God has joined, let no person separate.
Thanksgiving Weekend, Sunday, October 7th, 2012

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