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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold Discussion of Verse Three


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Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing on with the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold !!

 Verse 3

3The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Four, New International Version

 Verse 3   

3The tempter came through him and said  / “ If you are the One of God, take this coin to become beer ! “

from the text of the animation, HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold
written by R David Foster

 Verse 3 Discussion     

 For me, the temptation to resolve mysteries with a belief in magic short changes the issue and defeats the purpose of the mystery.  Dwelling and deliberating on an apparently unresolvable mystery reveals numerous truths that likely shed light on the mystery without resolving it.  This leaves the door open to the unexpected and miraculous.  But attributing the mystery to magic short changes this process and the mystery fails to bear fruit.  The place holder or unknown of magic closes the door on further consideration and renders the mystery of the situation impotent.

The tempter came through him, and said . . .
 Whether Jesus could or could not have magically turned the stones into bread is not the point.  Jesus knew his situation and waited on God to provide, rather than grasp at a solution.  This is Jesus' life, in communion with the infinite, that loves and provides for Jesus and all of us.  To grasp at a resolution to any problem short changes the purpose God has for the situation one finds themselves in.

". . .take this coin to become beer."

 I have heard that the temptation to turn stones into bread is the epitome of the economic solution.  To settle for an economic solution to existence is pretty much what economists and the Roman Empire had done.  Everyone had their physical needs pretty much met, yet this did not allow for an infinite purpose for each and every person.  It short changed God's purpose for people and persons.  We exist ultimately in an infinite existence, and merely meeting our economic needs negates the majority of our infinite existence. So just as magic short changes the consideration of a situation, accepting a finite solution to infinite existence short changes our awareness of the infinite.

 Where the tempter came TO Jesus, the tempter came THROUGH the male spouse of the sacred One relationship.  Seeking completion or satisfaction from the other spouse, the man requests beer.  Beer may satisfy up to a point, but complete satisfaction cannot be had by beer alone.  Complete satisfaction comes from the communion of the spouses, with or without beer, and with or without bread.   Jesus knew he longed for the balance of whole and part, communion with the infinite, and neither bread or beer alone would satisfy his longing.

 Where Jesus was a balance of whole and part in one person, the sacred One relationship is a balance of whole and part among two persons.  Jesus came at a time and place that was ripe for a new understanding of the infinite.  Yet someone had to acknowledge, proclaim and begin life enlightened by this new understanding.  This new relationship with the infinite would not come on its own, and neither would the infinite impose a new understanding.  A person had to recognise, proclaim and live this new understanding in a world of people that did not know it.  Likewise, couples must live their relationship in a world that does not know why, where or how they relate to each other.  Jesus lived a relationship with the infinite, and spouses live a relationship with the other half of infinity, their spouse.

 It has been said that pondering the mysteries presented in christianity will make one loose their mind, or become crazy, and this is true.  It has been said that instead, the mysteries must be accepted in faith, rather than considered so much as to change one's understanding of their world, and again, this short changes the mysteries and makes them impotent.  Instead, considering the mysteries so much that they change one, opens up a new world to those considering the mysteries, and this world is unavailable to anyone that short changes the mysteries, so the actions of one who does consider the mysteries, become incomprehensible to those who do not consider such mysteries.

 This is marriage, this taking up of a life before the other half of infinity, to bear fruit that no one else is able to comprehend the source of the fruit.  Likewise, one who considers the mysteries offered by the infinite, will act seemingly without cause, and the cause will be their understanding of the infinite, which is unavailable to others not considering the infinite.  This understanding may not be communicated by words but can be identified by the audience that considers the infinite as well.  This is the witness of the Holy Spirit, the acknowledgement of one's actions by others who are likewise considering the infinite.  Anyone who considers the mysteries of the infinite and acts on their understanding has taken up their cross and is following the path that Jesus took.  This is necessary for any relationship with the infinite, whether as a person or as a spouse.  To expect that one will be rewarded in a timely manner by those who do not consider the infinite is unrealistic, but to expect that one will make progress toward the infinite is reasonable.

 In a world of distinct parts working with other distinct parts, as a machine would, there is little tolerance for changing the parts as that would make the other parts and the machine not work.  This is the ego, and it does not allow for renewal.  Those who are content with the way things work will not tolerate variation, yet for those who seek more than there now is, change must come.   Only in a world acknowledging the infinite, will everyone, infinity, be content.  This is a world considering the mysteries and growing before the infinite.

 When one has reached as far as they can go, they turn back with a new understanding and recreate the world as much as they can, then continue on to infinity, and again turn back to recreate again.  This is the whole of the parts, and many can fathom it, yet many do not consider it.   This is not unreasonable, yet others who are content, fail to see it.   So if marriage is not proclaimed, many will not see the need to maintain it as the infinite resource that it is, an infinite union of an infinite whole or female, with an infinite part or male.  Jesus was the height of this union of whole and part in one person, yet the union of whole and part in a marriage relationship has the capacity to yield far more than one person on their own could.

“Lord of all wisdom, I give you my mind;
 Rich truth that surpasses my knowledge to find;
 What eye has not seen and what ear has not heard;
 Is taught by your Spirit and shines from your Word.”
Lord of Creation, Catholic Book of Worship, #498

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