Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A purpose of HESUS JOY CHRIST Discussion

from http://bahai-library.com/review_sears_thief_night

. .. ... to point out errors without being censored. This is particularly important with regard to peer review, that is, that persons qualified within a given field of study be allowed to openly critique each other's work both before and after publication. This process means that writers and readers gain from the critical review of experts and specialists. For example, imagine if a scholar publishes opinions and findings about a new drug, but none of the scholar's peers felt free to criticize the article. If this were to happen, then the author who writes in good faith fails to benefit from the collective wisdom and knowledge of others — as do people using the new drug. It would mean that ideas could circulate without being corrected and without alternatives being offered. It would be hard for a society governed by such attitudes to advance. Open consultation and independent investigation of truth are essential to the advancement of knowledge. Constructive criticism is essential to progress.

I came across this interesting quote and I feel it applies to my HESUS JOY CHRIST stuff. I would really like some feedback on this HESUS JOY CHRIST stuff !!!

The link below, is a too quick snapshot of the Bahai faith, but from the outset, I don't see how unity would be so necessary. I suspect a longing for closure is at work. I would not see how a single united people would be any better than communism. I do not support yet another body of knowledge at the expense of integrating the knowledge that is already common to the majority.
HESUS JOY CHRIST purports an understanding of that which is beyond understanding due to our limited awareness. This is more like a compass than it is like a gps navigator. One is simple and effective and the other is comprehensive and complex, and unwieldy.


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