Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cross of Victory Walking Pilgrimage to Martyr's Shrine, Midland, Ontario

Walking to the sacred site

Is where next week I'll be.
Soaking up the spirit
That gives life to me.

If you have an ear to
Hear Him wooing too,
Next year you are welcome
To walk to Midland too.

This year we are walking from Terra-Cotta, north west of Brampton, north of Georgetown, all the way to Martyr's Shrine in Midland, Ontario, after a mass at St. Paul the Apostle, Burlington, Saturday Morning, August 6th. The total distance is about 170 km in seven days. There will be about 30 of us, who will meet up with a group of 50 from Brampton, and joined again by a group from Hanover and a group from Guelph, before we meet up with the polish group of anywhere from 500 to 1000, late in the week.

We walk about 25km a day, and with the exception of a Sunday day of rest retreat in a school in Caledon, we camp at night.

For me it is pure joy, with Mass every morning, and company as I walk and pray. In the past I have walked by myself, without support or structure, up to 70 km in a day, and usually in winter. Please consider joining us next year ! For the less religious there is a large portion of pilgrims who have been coming for years who likewise dodge a large part of the group prayer and worship. In fact, I first heard about this pilgrimage from a fellow bar patron in Milton, in the winter of 2009 ! As well, I have seen the least prepared walker complete the entire pilgrimage, and I have also seen an accomplished walker, who had previously hiked the entire Bruce Trail in one go, drop out after 4 days.

Peace be with you !

Below are two links; Martyr's Shrine, and the re-built historic site of St. Marie Among the Hurons (Ouendat) .

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