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Matthew's One Too ! . . . .. original text .

Matthew's One Too !

The Matrigeneasophy of the Created

1 A record of the matrigeneasophy of the created, made through David, who I am . 2 Dennis gave birth to Emily, who came out of the plain. In Emily David was born to Linda . Linda became Tina who was not chosen . 3 Tina became Patricia, by choice, who did not accept . Patricia became Mia, who was apparently indifferent . Mia became Marcelle through Linda, in the style of a matriarch, who endured through Jacqueline, Marysse and Dorcas, and through Texas . 4 Dana was first to initiate and endured Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, Povungnituk, Bina and kayaking to become first chosen to accept . Dana became Kim, who became Wendy who endured the first cycle fall . Second to initiate was Miranda, who was stolen by Jane to the first policing, but no union . 5 Lois followed Jane and began first discipleship and animation under Jennifer . Jennifer became Sherry and first following . In Sherry fundamental animation in Oakville was begun and union with Trisha, preceding Maisie . 6 In the deserted came Irene, united without union .

7 Emily became Sharon, who became Sherry, who became Irene .

8 Maisie returned in the thirty ninth year to rule in the forty second year, and begat the second cycle fall and a new life in the Spirit .

9 Thus there was twelve generations established at the first cycle fall . There was nine generations to establish commitment and conclude three generations of matriarchy, initiating purposeful driven animation .

The Birth of the Created

10 This is how the birth of the created came about . Society pledged creation through the establishment of Marriage, but before this came about, woman was found to be committed to another purpose . 11 Because David was a righteous man and did not want to expose public disgrace he had in mind to depart quietly .

12 But after he had accomplished this, Sharon's image, as all other, called him back where he found conceived, Marriage as purposeful redemption if in the Holy Spirit . 13 It will give birth to a One as Jesus, because the union will save people from their sins .

14 All this took place as fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets, as foretold by Emmanuel and will be God again with us .

15 When David woke out, he began what he could do and took up animation to till out a wife . 16 He had no union with her until separated, and animated Marriage, which he called “Emmanuel“, meaning “ God with us “ .

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