Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Open ID - another possible solution offered by the OpenSource community of app. technically skilled people doing their best work freely and for free !

app. = apparently
'even on a blog I'm too wordy ! "


R David Foster said...

Wow ! profile > Music > Juluka to meet all kinds of people that like Juluka !!!

This is AWESOME !!!!

R David Foster said...

David Foster at 11:56pm December 22
first unmedicated very fit permanently disabled animator on ODSP, if fastrack can cover me before 2/09, cuz they disqualified this criminal from OWorks by having fastrack 'til 7/09, . . . . . if only any employer would consider a criminal convict, or allow me to work without medication ( gym with pool and handball, and animation, off meds <> work on meds with dismissal for absolutely anything at alllllllll ) . . .
. . . . if nine days is too long to accomplish a fastrack, perhaps I'll give notice new years and be out for 3/09 in perfect paddling weather, although did summer before and likely to train all 2/09 .