Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Nicholas,

David Foster at 7:10am December 22
Dear Santa;

I have been a miraculously good boy. I have not been married ten years and have accepted that I do not qualify for Ontario Disability Support Program because either my diagnosis is illegitimate ( like my marriage ), or I have been "cured" .
I would like a blue kayak . This one please . . . Boreal Baffin

I could tell you how you could strap it under the sleigh but you would get frustrated with me . Instead I suggest have the elves get it delivered when they pay for it, to the cage under Rebecca Street, and put the keys in an old sock lyin' around the tv in case I put on a yule log there and choose that sock to wear sometime .

Thank you for your wonderful work with children. .


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R David Foster said...

first unmedicated very fit permanently disabled animator on ODSP, if fastrack can cover me before 2/09, cuz they disqualified this criminal from OWorks by having fastrack 'til 7/09, . . . . . if only any employer would consider a criminal convict, or allow me to work without medication ( gym with pool and handball, and animation, off meds <> work ... Read Moreon meds with dismissal for absolutely anything at alllllllll ) . . .
. . . . if nine days is too long to accomplish a fastrack, perhaps I'll give notice new years and be out for 3/09 in perfect paddling weather, although did summer before and likely to train all 2/09 .