Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Application for further study . . .

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Please fill in the blanks .

Jesus is _______________________ ,
so my pants don't catch fire spontaneously .

The illustrated act of god in H-MKP is __________________ and unrelated to the pagan __________, but the sacrifice of Abram that is ___________ by God and interupted by ______________, is why a ____________ who looks like a goat because it has horns is the saviour of the descendents of Abr___am .

The three personal "miracles" of my "lifesong" as indicated in the credits are :

1:) ________________ .

2:) ____________________.

3:) __________________________ __ _ _ _________ _ _ _________ __ __ _ _ _ .

If you see Jesus walking out of the last cross station and heading toward you down Main Street holding a revealver, he is about to take a shot at you to make you _________ .

Yup, type the whole thing out with control see and you will believe I have read it if I reply to your emailed answers.


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David Foster at 17:45, on 17 October.

Seek and you will be fine d .
Teach and you will be taught .

David Foster at 17:47, on 17 October.

It would really be nice to see what all these planks I yanks outta' my eye all the time would look like if someone else wore one as a fashionable access to others witness like I do . Honestly, give me a break ?

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