Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another example of the desperate need for True GRADUATED LICENSING!!

Even this video with a representative of the City of Toronto, from the Traffic Management Centre, does not fully explain how these buttons work!!! In fact, if the button does not actually change the traffic light to allow crossing in one's desired direction, it may in fact trigger the white walk signal when otherwise there would not be a white walk signal, thereby allowing enough time to walk across the intersection.
This is all, by the way, what would part of obtaining a "Pedestrian License" that would be granted upon successful demonstration of an adequate understanding of information necessary to walk Provincial and Municipal streets, roads and highways. Most kids in grade one should be able to obtain an optional Pedestrian License.

This to me, is what would be true graduated licensing:
1. Pedestrian License, including walk facing traffic on the left side of the road, hold your ground against cyclists illegally on the sidewalk with a 26" diameter wheel or larger, do not cross between parked cars, watch for cars turning right as you cross at an intersection, watch for cars turning left as you cross an intersection, and look both ways and ensure traffic is stopping successfully before you enter a cross walk; among a few other things.
2. Bicycle License, including you are a vehicle on the road if your wheel is larger than 26" and have all rights and responsibilities granted any other vehicle including cars, trucks and buses; obey all traffic laws as if you were any other vehicle; when moving up the right side of the right lane of traffic approaching an intersection beware of cars turning right; when turning left signal with your left arm (all arms signals must be known and practiced for a Bicycle License) and move into the left lane and/or the left turning lane to make your turn, being aware of oncoming right turning traffic; if your wheel is smaller than 26" and you choose to ride on the sidewalk you must dismount at all intersections, including stop signs, in order to cross, because traffic cannot anticipate your presence in the crosswalk if you are riding because you are approaching the cross walk too fast for car drivers to see you; and even if you are travelling in a designated bicycle lane, cars will still turn right in front of you and you must also change lanes to the left to make a left turn. This could be granted upon successful demonstration of basic maneuvering skills and an understanding of traffic laws sufficient to keep safe in traffic, probably around grade two.
3. Motorcycle License: You must be able to control, navigate and discern traffic conditions in the smaller vehicle of a motorcycle before you are granted the larger responsibility of a car with its larger size and therefore potential for bodily harm and damage to others' property and life, not to mention limitations in maneuverability. If you survive two years with a motorcycle, usually ages 14 to 16 years old, only then do you become eligible for a car license.
4. Car License: After the three previous levels of licensing you are fully aware of what pedestrians are likely to do, so you can anticipate their actions on roadways, you are fully aware of what bicycles are likely to do, so you can anticipate their actions on roadways, and you know what all other levels of vehicle are likely to do as you have successfully avoided them while riding a motorcycle. Now you have the skills to drive a car Defensively rather than Offensively as someone who expects the size of their car to protect them, when in fact by driving offensively they are in possession of a weapon that can cause grave injury to life and property.
5, 6, 7. Truck, Bus and Emergency Vehicles: Licenses granted as they are today.


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