Thursday, December 24, 2015

This guy is up for tonight !!!

This guy is up for tonight !

So is Santa Claus real ? The testimony of two or more unrelated adult citizens would be substantial in a court of reality.

Saint Nicholas was a real historical person, sainted, who secretly gave out gifts.
New York City was originally a Dutch colony, that was called New Amsterdam by the industrious Dutch republic. It was traded to the English in exchange for modern day Indonesia, which was considered valuable for its spices.
"Situated on the strategic, fortifiable southern tip of the island of Manhattan, the fort was meant to defend the Dutch West India Company's fur trade operations in the North River (Hudson River). It became a provincial extension of the Dutch Republic as of 1624 and was designated the capital of the province in 1625." -
So to say "Saint Nicholas" with a Dutch accent, makes it sound not only like "Sinterklaus" but also "Santa Claus", and the legend of the secret gift giver, leaving coins in shoes left out for him, continued, pre-dating the English colony.
Stockings were normally not washed everyday, because that would mean doing too much washing to do by hand, so instead they were left out to dry in a warm place, and likely in front of the fire, if not at the foot of the bed. So to wake up to put on your socks again and find a gift in your stocking was like the reverse of a cowboy waking up to put on his boots and finding a scorpion or snake in his boot. Furthermore it was a humble fun way of giving a gift that was not pretensious or reciprocationally motivated. Furthermore, to say that Santa Claus must have left it is to divert appreciation away from the gift giver, again making it a real giving rather than being reciprocationally motivated - I like that word, that I may have made up: "reciprocationally". -
Reindeer are domesticated caribou that are maintained in the Nordic countries. This is something the Canadian government should consider for the territories. It is common for reindeer to both be used to haul sleds and carts, as well as be milked like cows, and slaughtered for their meet. For hauling in the snow they are very good and fast. They are so fast that they are said to "fly". What is flying really? Well essentially flying is to self reference your own inertia and only support yourself by exerting your influence so as to maintain the intended inertia. This means, when running, you would only touch the ground to redirect your inertia, rather than support your weight. This is true of flight, in that the influence the plane has on the air is used to direct the plane. In the jet age, this means that planes are supported by their engines, therefore self supporting, rather than on the air; and only using their influence on the air to redirect their inertia.
In 1989, at university, in the Science of Flight course I took, I compared two similar aircraft - one with props and the other with jets, and found from the flight characteristics that prop planes sit on the air, while jets sit on their engines, cutting the engines to drop onto their gear when they land, as opposed to propeller planes that glide in on the air for a softer landing.
So to fly is to self reference yourself. This is done when all external references are unreliable, such as when the context keeps changing, by the intercession of Mother Mary. Reindeers flying is religious because that is how a saint, Saint Nicholas, got around in his life, by flying, by self referencing so as to be able to give freely, rather than reciprocationally, and this is how God gives - freely without any required reciprocation on our part, as we are unable to reciprocate fully to our own creator, being created beings ourselfs.
Saint Nicholas is real, still. His self referencing lives on in secular culture as a beacon of selfless giving, that is known by name. He drew his strength from God and gave all he received from God away to those around him, as we all do, or attempt to do, at secular Christmas gatherings.
Saint Nicholas is a saint because he did what Jesus did to the best of his ability, including self referencing, flying, as Jesus is alive today.
This is my favourite Rudolph cartoon.
It is ambitiously laid out, and the animation attempts to live up to the layout, but in the end seems a little too two dimensional for me, as does my own animation. Max Fleischer worked on this Rudolph cartoon.
Max Fleischer did Gulliver's travels to attempt to compete with Disney's Snow White, by using actual rotoscoping ( tracing over live action footage ) for Gulliver, that was quite effective, but the rest of the animation was too two dimensional, although not unlike the seven dwarfs. -

This movie was advertised on the Gulliver's Travels video !!!

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