Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tomorrow Never Comes - comic strip - 9 new strips posted today !

This post is to provide the link to the comic strip to those who cannot receive images in their email.

Will tomorrow be any different from today, if we live so long, with larger problems overcome through greater accomplishments ? 

Inking by Paul Tomas and David Foster.
Story, layout, and colouring by David Foster.

Copyright R David Foster 2014, 2015. 

Hopefully a weekly strip, drawn and inked at the Oakville OASIS Drawing Bee on Mondays. Can you count all the mistakes ? 

Strip #058 is the latest to be completed as far as inking and scanning goes, so that means after #033 posted here today, there are still 25 each strips ready to be coloured !

The entire comic strip to date, in order, is at : 

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