Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The first review of HESUS JOY CHRIST : Discussion of the Animation !

Here is the first review of my book, HESUS JOY CHRIST : Discussion of the Animation, and a five star rating!
It is a review done by a friend from high school, Jeffrey Csima.

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By Jeffrey Csima
This book is a raw and unspoiled look at the journey of one man as he searches for the nirvana of philosophical understanding. Unlike most authors, who make some general assumptions about the reader, his expectations, interests, attention span, etc., David does none of that, preferring instead to just follow the path that he has been placed on by the Lord and general circumstance. In that regard, it may come off as boring or unpolished to some, but for those seeking depth and purity, this book will not disappoint. It's easy to read at your own pace, and even if you skip some parts entirely, you do not lose the deeper meanings conveyed in the philosophical messages. The life lessons one can learn from reading this book include, but are not limited to: not taking yourself so seriously, not taking the problems of the world so seriously, being natural, being yourself, being genuine, being honest in relationships, and having an open and accepting mind. These qualities are all effortlessly embodied by the author, and they will surely rub off on the reader after a while. I highly recommend this book if for no other reason than to experience life in another dimension for a while, taking a break from the rat race most of us find ourselves mired in most of the time.

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