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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold Discussion of Verse Fourteen



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Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing on with the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold !!

 Verse 14    

. .. ...14to fulfill what was said through the prophet Isaiah: ... .. .

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Four, New International Version

 Verse 14   
. .. ...14to fulfill what was said through the prophet Isaiah: ... .. .

from the text of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST /  Matthew's Foretold
written by R David Foster

 Verse 14 Discussion      

         In chapter nine of the book of Isaiah, he prophesies about the birth of the Messiah. Chapter nine, verse six reads :

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”     New International Version

         So let's consider what it means to prophesie. If one knows all the parts, one can predict the outcome, depending on whether the whole is consistent and without change. Likewise, if one knows all of the wholes, one can predict the outcome, depending on whether the parts change or not.  So when Jonah was commanded to prophesie to Ninevah, which he eventually did after chilling out in a fish, the parts, or the people, changed, and the destruction of Ninevah was averted.  Jonah was aware of the wholes, and could foresee the future, but the parts, the people, changed and changed the future of Ninevah.

         So when Isaiah prophesies about a light coming to the people in darkness, he understands the wholes and does not anticipate any parts changing.  This prophesy is taken to be about Jesus – his birth and ministry, and this quote is used to support his ministry in Galilee.

         But just as the book of Matthew quotes Isaiah 9, the second part of verse one, and verse two, I have quoted only verse one, up to where Matthew's quote begins.  Actually, Matthew's quote juggles the words a fair bit.

         So all this quoting of prophesies is generally used to show how there is order and awareness of that order.  If Isaiah could know, or be aware, of the coming of the Messiah, there must be an order that is apparent to Isaiah.  But just as we are all aware, today, of how spin doctors can massage the facts, details and parts to create an approvable whole, quoting and prophesying can be done pretty much by anyone with anything to predict anything.  The world is suppose to end on December 21st, this year, 2012, because the Mayan calendar runs out.  Jehovah's Witnesses have been predicting the end and the Second Coming since the late 1800's until today.  And don't forget the Y2K business at the last turn of the century, whether it was January 1st, 2000, or January 1st, 2001.  I remember actually getting a notice from my bank that they were ready for the turn of the century and that I need not fear for my bank account.

         So once again, we come back to a balance of whole and part. To predict anything, one must know all the parts and all the wholes.  And how does one go about knowing all this?  By paying attention !  If either the part or the whole changes unexpectedly, the forecast becomes incorrect.  But this has a flip side. If one is faced with insurmountable odds, one may change the whole or the part to overcome such odds.  This is what David did with the giant Goliath.  There was a part that Goliath did not expect.  This part was that David could drive a small stone with his sling, with such force and accuracy that it killed Goliath by striking him square in the forehead.  It must have been a formidable forehead, but nevertheless, David's shot was sufficient.

         These two ways of understanding and awareness fully complement each other, so that when the parts are exhausted, the wholes may prove fruitful, and vice versa. This is so common that it is almost always overlooked.  It is as simple as walking. The left foot can only stride so far, but the right foot is there to stride as well, and set up the left foot for another stride, which sets the right foot up to continue, and on and on again !  The potential is limitless !

          Consider Calculus.  The limit of a sum is the sum of the limits.  This limit of the series approaching the slope of a curve, is the slope of a curve at a single point, with rise and run both at zero !  This is using both the whole and the part to achieve what was considered impossible – the slope of a curve, normally calculated by rise divided by run, when the rise and run are infinitesimal – zero ! This is the possibility of balancing whole and part – infinity.

          The idea that one can prophesie is nothing when compared to the possibility offered by a full awareness of whole and part.  I prophesie that a full awareness of whole and part, female and male, would allow one an infinite awareness, even of the infinite person, God, and so much so that such an awareness would be as if the infinite person were right here with us, on earth.  There is so much possibility it can hardly be imagined.

          A homily was given by a newly ordained deacon last Thursday at Our Lady of Lourdes in Elmvale, Ontario, to the pilgrims walking to Martyr's Shrine.  The idea that intrigued me from this homily was that an unborn baby has absolutely no idea what the world beyond birth is like. How could they possibly imagine jet aircraft, bunnies, chocolate, swimming, or anything else,  including meeting their mother from the outside.  All they know is that they are being forced out of everything they have ever known, and it must seem like the end of everything.  This can be likened to death.  It seems the end of everything, but who can imagine what is beyond death.

          The trick is to become aware of the infinite life before one leaves their body, so that they may choose life when the time comes.  I have witnessed the loss of everything and all meaning, or at least at the time it seemed so, only to find myself in much more wonderful circumstances beyond that apparent death.  And this balance of whole and part has the potential to bring us more than any unborn baby can imagine beyond their birth to new life.

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