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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold Discussion of Verse Eleven



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Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing on with the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold !!

 Verse 11   

11Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Four, New International Version

 Verse 11   

11Then the devil left them, and they waited on angels . 

from the text of the animation, HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold
written by R David Foster

 Verse 11 Discussion         
         To tackle this verse, I propose an understanding of Evil.  In the swirly animated conception of the sacred One  relationship, the two rotating linked torri, there are local areas where the expansion of one torus will conflict with the other; and other local areas where the expansion of one torus will not affect the other in any way. As well, if the interior of a torus were to yield or give way to the expanding other torus, this would be considered something like Grace, and this yielding is directly proportional to the amount of Grace the other torus allows the first torus. Expansion of one torus into the other in a way that conflicts is Evil.  The dominance of whole or part at the expense of the other is Evil.  The communion of whole and part is good and brings great Joy !

         In the last verse, verse ten, Satan, the opposer, would be swallowed up by good, as the limiting of one spouse by the other would maintain the communion. Here, in this verse, the devil leaves.  Who is the devil ?  In the animation, the devil is the other spouse that twists and perverts what the first spouse tries to accomplish.  This is the disconnect. This is the misunderstanding that is attributed to the devil, but once again, in a healthy sacred One relationship balancing whole and part, the devil will be swallowed up by good.  The perversions of what one spouse tries to accomplish will shed light on that spouse's goals and illuminate the limitations of those goals to bring them to awareness so that they may be adjusted toward infinity.

         Having tackled Evil, as well as Satan and the devil, let's go for broke and figure out what in the world an angel is!  There is no advantage to appealing for blind faith, so let's stick to common knowledge. There is the expression of gratitude - “ You're an angel ! ”, that expresses appreciation beyond the value of the act or gift.  When someone mildly acts in another's favour and the act is appreciated well beyond its nominal value, then the circumstances have created a supernatural event for the recipient.  Infinity has blessed the recipient by the act of a person who thereby becomes a spiritual power for the recipient.

         So as angels came and attended Jesus, the sacred One relationship spouses waited on angels.  This could be taken either way.  The spouses could be waiting on angels as servers serving the angels, or they could be waiting for angels to appear and be present to them.  Either way, the spouses, now separated, need not neglect the infinite, and continue to seek God.

         Many may make the case that to put one's spouse so high on the list of priorities, second only to God, is too close to idolatry.  That's idolatry, not adultery ! To them I answer that to put one's entire faith on a book, be it the Bible, or anything else, is idolatry.  To put one's faith in symbols, or even a lack of symbols, is idolatry.  To pray like the pagans, trying to be heard by their many words, is idolatry, and believing in some sort of magic words, praying the same words over and over again without any consideration, is idolatry.  Even refuting an extreme idea citing common sense or reasonableness, is idolatry.

          For every thing, there is a context, and denying either is idolizing the other.  The Anointed Saviour is a balance of whole and part, uniting heaven and earth, good and evil, God and people, Infinity and the individual.  Many believe that reductionistic thinking is God like, and many others believe that wholistic thinking is God like, and both are correct and incorrect, as God is beyond and both wholistic and reductionistic.  To truly approach God, the infinite, one must get beyond both being wholistic and reductionistic to a reality of Joy and infinite possibility.  Marriage is the fundamental way to do this, and it is as fundamental as gender.

         Other's propose that a spouse cannot bear the weight of God put on them by the other spouse, and this is true. But Jesus died carrying the weight of God put on him by the people, and this is our calling, to take up our cross and follow Jesus to our own resurrection of the body.  To try for anything less will achieve only that.  If we fail we will be forgiven, and may find ourselves in a position to pick up the pieces and try again, with a greater experience and wisdom.

         So let's take a stab for heaven.  If the movie  The Matrix   has any sense, it is that the mind does not know the nature of its existence, yet it is apparent.  So it could be argued that heaven exists in the mind, or that the mind exists in heaven.  Thus the sacred One relationship continues on in the minds of the spouses, and they continue to seek it, even though they have lost an incidence of it. The ideal exists in heaven, the mind, and continues to influence the mind of all who have encountered it, whether they have encountered it in their mind or their experience.  The sacred One relationship, or any other balance of whole and part, is the closest thing I have encountered to Joy and an appreciation of God, the Infinite Person.

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