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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold Discussion of Verse Seven - part "B"


There's the website with all of it !!

Just search vid932008 on www.google.ca to see it come up first in the list.
On this site there are almost all the blog posts in an easily accessible non-linear format, as well as all the animation dating back to 2008, and most of the other artwork and poetry.

Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing on with the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold !!


 Verse 7    
7Jesus answered him, “It is also written: 'Do not put the Lord your God to the test.' c “
-c-  7 Deuteronomy 6:16

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Four, New International Version

 Verse 7      / 7One answered him, “ For ' whoever is not against us is for us . 'b “ 
  / She continued,
 “ ' Fear the Lord your God, serve Him only, and take your oaths in his name.
  / Do not follow other gods, the gods of the people around you;
  / for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a jealous god,

  / and her anger will burn against you and she will destroy you from the face of the land. 
  / Do not test the Lord your God as you did at Mass . . .ah ! ' c “
-b-  7 Mark 9:40  ;
-c-  7 Deuteronomy 6:13-16

from the text of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold
written by R David Foster

 Verse 7 Discussion  - part B      

 The animation text has veered away from the gospel text, but returns to it in the end of the second quote of this verse.  This is because the animation text is about a relationship between two people before the infinite – God. Jesus was in a two way relationship between himself and God.  The married couple is in a three way relationship – female, male and God.  This marriage relationship reflects the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and this is what I understand the late Pope John Paul II's  Male and Female He Created Them – A Theology of the Body  to be proposing – that the marriage relationship is at the very least, much like the relationships within the Trinity.  And once again, it has been proposed in a Roman Catholic course I recently completed, that the mystery of the Trinity can be approached by considering the Father as being, itself, the Son as knowledge of being, itself, and the Holy Spirit as the love of being, itself.  And then for the doers out there, the Trinity could, I suppose, be considered as doing, the knowledge of doing, and the love of doing. Perhaps that leads to the two approaches to infinity, the wholistic or being approach, and the partial or doing approach.  Dare I say one is female and the other is male ?

 For Jesus, there was not any other option – he chose to not test God.  But in the animation text, there are two approaches to infinity or God.  The only correct choice is to cooperate to approach infinity.  Bickering about how to go about it is stupid.  If one can only see one way then that is the way both of them should proceed, for the integrity of the relationship and the maintenance of an approach to infinity.  But rather, the two should try to see it both ways, the wholistic way and the partial way, the female way and the male way, so that they may have more options in how to proceed.  This learning of the other's way is the number one benefit of a marriage relationship, for if one has an infinite capacity for one of the two ways, and must learn the other of the two ways, than the marriage relationship is the most fertile place to learn the other way.

 This brings us to the temptation side of it.  If one is lacking in their understanding of the other way, they will propose a way that is not balanced, and may lead to the downfall of the endeavour to approach infinity.  The male spouse wanted beer, and the female spouse wanted honour.  Both temptations draw the spouses apart, as well as jeopardize the two as persons.

 But once again, there is a disconnect. This disconnect can only be overcome by determined free will – the will to stay together.

 This begins to venture toward idolatry if one is to put their spouse above all other worldly concerns, but I insist it is only worldly concerns, with infinity, or God, remaining above all, as being and doing itself.

"Fear the Lord you God, . . ."
 “ ' Fear the Lord your God, serve Him only, and take your oaths in his name.
  / Do not follow other gods, the gods of the people around you;
  / for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a jealous god, . .. ..”

 Fear is a strong word, but respect may be more what is meant. Like respecting fire, not only for what it can provide, but for what it may become if not dealt with responsibly.  So God must be addressed responsibly, or else infinity will get out of hand. 

 And we all know how an untended spouse can get out of hand !  So in your approach to infinity, include your spouse or else.

"Do not follow other gods, . . . "

 And then there are all the worldly things that not only draw us away from our approach to infinity, or God, but draw us away from our spouse as well.  And it is right there in the quote, that God is among us, and is jealous, so will nip us in the bud if we neglect him . .. … or her.

" . . . the gods of the people around you, . . . "


  The animation is of the other gods of the female spouse, and then the other gods of the male spouse.  A god can in this case be considered a goal or something good, and is finite and achievable, rather than infinite and eternal.  Putting any of these lesser goals, or gods, above an ultimate goal or infinite God, is just stupid. 

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

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