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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold Discussion of Verse Six


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On this site there are almost all the blog posts in an easily accessible non-linear format, as well as all the animation dating back to 2008, and most of the other artwork and poetry.

Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing on with the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold !!

 Verse 6   

6”If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:
“'He will command his angels  concerning you,
   and they will lift you up in their  hands,
   so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.' b
-b-  6 Psalm 91:11,12
from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Four, New International Version
 Verse 6   

6”If I am the One of God,” he said, “why do we need this honour ?   / For:
“'You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
   you will trample the great lion and the serpent.' a

-a-  6 Psalm 91:13
from the text of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Five's Nine
written by R David Foster
 Verse 6  Discussion     
   Again, an idle test of whether Jesus is the Son of God is to be rejected by Jesus. Yet in the animation text the question is put forward by the male spouse that their may not be a need for any honours and the seeking of any honours.  Furthermore, why would One seek honours from those who ultimately oppose a new world of the sacred One relationship?

 In the animation text, the lion is the earthly kingdom, and the cobra or serpent is knowledge, specifically medical knowledge.  This is how I have taken this quote.  The quote itself immediately follows the verses quoted by Matthew in this Gospel.  Once again, quoting, taking something out of context to make a point, is dubious, yet I play along.

 Certainly it could be said that Jesus led a charmed life.  Just the fact that he was executed as a criminal yet a worldwide religion was founded on this executed criminal is argument enough.  So Jesus did have the supernatural supporting him, whether by magic or otherwise, that allowed him to accomplish all that he did.  This means that what the devil quoted, Psalm 91, verses eleven and twelve, did apply to Jesus and did mean that he had supernatural help.  So why is it a temptation for Jesus to test this to justify that it is true?
 It is a temptation because it is not productive and will not redeem.  But furthermore, since I am asserting that Jesus is the superlative balance of whole and part, it is a temptation for Jesus to act without respect to the whole, overlooking the details or parts.

 In the animation text, seeking after honour from the crown, or even the educated, is likewise neglecting the whole of the situation and running roughshod over the details or parts.  If the sacred One relationship would change everything about present day society, why seek to be honoured by present day society?  Who would regard anyone who achieves a high honour and then proceeds to dismantle the source of that honour, as credible?  It would lack integrity to do so, and this lack of integrity is what the male spouse is trying to avoid by taking issue with seeking the honour of being a member of the Order of Can of Duh.  The female spouse sees it differently, as presented in verse seven of this animation.
 So where Jesus is tempted to throw himself down, the sacred One relationship is tempted, through the female spouse, to lift themselves up, with an honour from society.  But accepting an honour from the society they wish to rebuild, would be disastrous and tantamount to throwing themselves down.  Again, the female spouse sees it differently, as presented in the seventh verse, the next after this verse, of this animation.
 The trick is to find a way to rebuild society while still living in it. Everyone has heard the phrase “live in the world, but do not be of the world”. This is the fancy footwork that Jesus did when Pilate asked him if he was a king.  His answer, that his kingdom is not of this world, because if it was, his followers would take up arms, disarmed Pilate.  But for a people who were looking for an Anointed One, who never expected God to send His Son, Jesus' answer that “you will see the Son of Man at the right hand of God”, is damning. But then again, it is only the truth, and a people with an absolute God, rather than a living God, condemn their saviour.
 For the female spouse, this rebuilding requires a few steps back amongst the steps forward.  The male spouse can relate to this, because he had to subdue his family's influence on him in order to prepare himself for marriage.  The family crest for Foster, I am told, has a stag, a male deer, in it somewhere. In the second image of this verse, the male spouse has bagged a stag, while treading on the lion and the serpent.  Jesus too, had to distance himself from his family, saying that those who hear his word and heed it are his brothers and sisters and mother.  One must prepare themselves to be married, in a sacred One relationship, by putting away childish things, and entering a new heaven and a new earth, renewed daily, in a grand adventure.  So the male spouse knows all about a few steps back amongst the steps forward.
 Again, there is a disconnect between the spouses.  The only solution is to accept the other's wishes and deny oneself and carry their burden.  Jesus must have many times wondered why people just did not get what was so second nature to himself.  He must have seriously wondered if they would even get it if he were to rise from the dead.  But the kingdom of heaven exists, and there is great Joy in those who live in it.  Rather than fear death, or loss, or failure, in the knowledge of their loving infinity's everlasting forgiveness, they carry on for the ride, and marvel at the sights!

Pentecost, Sunday May 27th, 2012

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