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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold Discussion of Verse 1


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On this site there are almost all the blog posts in an easily accessible non-linear format, as well as all the animation dating back to 2008, and most of the other artwork and poetry.


Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing on to the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold !!

HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold

 Verse 1

The Temptation of Jesus
4  1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Four, New International Version

 Verse 1
The Temptation of the One

  1 Then One was led by the Spirit into abundance to be tempted by the devil.

from the text of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold
written by R David Foster

 Verse 1  Discussion

 'It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.'
 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.'

 So is it all that better to be rich, whether in wealth or spirit, living in abundance, rather than poor in wealth and spirit?  Surely abundance can be a far greater environment of temptation than a deserted experience.

 Having sought solitude to clear my head, and simple living to maintain a clear head, I understand Jesus going out into the desert as his wanting to clear his head and set his priorities.  I have heard that the stones into bread is the temptation of an economic solution, but I cannot remember the correlation of the other two temptations to another two solutions.

 Yet, if wealth is a hindrance to setting oneself right with the infinite, then, relatively speaking, North America, and all of western society, being wealthy, is on the wrong track.  The success of the economic solution has left us bereft of spiritual leaders, and we import priests from the third world.

 So I would suppose that Jesus wanted to put himself in a better position to face temptation, and so went off by himself into the desert to sort himself out without distractions.

 But the achievement of the spouses, in attaining the sacrament of marriage, for their sacred One relationship balancing whole and part, female and male, has brought them prosperity, and the accompanying temptations.  One temptation is complacency, that nothing is urgent and nothing too important.  Another temptation is satisfaction, that the world has come to completion, and will therefore remain this way forever.  A further temptation is that there is nothing to need to strive for, as all is accomplished. And don't forget the distractions of wealth with the many demands on one's attention, such as correspondence, accumulation, social events and more.  Where is there any inclination to draw closer to one another, in meaningful discussion of how to take on further challenges as a team, or in discussion of each one's spiritual life and affinities, the life of the spirit before the infinite.  And never mind learning about each other so that each may grow into the life of the other, the male growing in the world of the female, and the female fathoming the world of the male.

 With all these distractions, no wonder Jesus sought out solitude in order to gain the high ground against temptation.

 With all the possibility of renewable resources, why would Canada want to finish off the oil age, after the coal age, rather than develop the technology that reduces oil to a polymer source for plastics that technology can be made of and recycled as a renewable resource.  This is but one example of the kind of challenges that are being overlooked because we are too distracted by the demands of our wealth.  Really . . . steaming the oil out of the sand !!   What were they thinking?  I don't even steam my clothes to get the wrinkles out !!
 Furthermore, who was it that said 'Movies were not made to be seen on a f£$%$%king telephone !!'.  A smart phone is for a dumb arse who cannot organize themselves without a four inch screen.  Napoleon conquered Europe without even a land line, let alone a walkie-talkie !! In considering my options for renewing my plan, I realized that all that these 'phones' can do is voice, voice messaging, email and internet.  What is so important on the internet that one would squint to see it on the bus, not being allowed to use their 'phone' while driving, before they get home to view the internet on the desktop.  If one is so busy that they cannot restrict their new boob tube use to certain times of the day than good luck with organizing anything else, including their eternal life. We are surely now living in a 'neon Rome'.  We are agok at the shimmering darkness that titillates us and keeps us from real life.  Honestly, when was the last time you dug a hole, or even more so, mowed a lawn, and better yet, walked for a half hour?  When I had a car I was desperate for bicycle time.  Having a car does not save transportation time, it only uses up more time in transportation going more places.

 Even when I was dealing with blackberry people, and doing Autocad drafting near the airport in December, 2009, most people could not get over the technology far enough to count how many lanes of traffic Hurontario Street had just south of Burnhamthorpe.  Sure, they had begun to take advantage of the customization possibilities of Autocad, but they had not thoroughly thought through their production process so no matter how versatile Autolisp may be, they were shooting themselves in the foot by not understanding their job to begin with!! Measuring along a curve !  ”£$%^%&^& !!  Get real !!  We are all staring at the pretty lights at the end of the tunnel and not realizing it is a truck heading for us !!

 But I digress.  I have been led by the spirit into a rant.  Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted.  The One was led by the Spirit into abundance to be tempted.  We will all be tempted.  The Spirit is always leading us to new challenges to our faith.  We must rise to meet the challenges, and speak the truth of our environment as honest witnesses of our corner of the world.  For the One, the environment of married life was found to be full of challenges that were to be overcome, but complacency is the standard of the day, to society's detriment.  Marriage requires a supreme commitment, founded in christian forgiveness following Christ, by not only the spouses but the entire community, and this is lacking.  Anyone who counsels spouses against one another, for whatever reason, is speaking against the spirit of the One sacred relationship balancing whole and part, and undermining society's greatest asset.  Unless something illegal is occurring, than marriage must be supported by supporting both spouses as well as their union.  The cost on society of the dissolution of a marriage is too great to take lightly, yet this is the case today.  Keeping children as children, putting the well being of either spouse over the other spouse's well being, or anything else that undermines the infinite resource of a marriage relationship, limits society in too many ways to number.

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