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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two Discussion of Verse 14


There's the website with all of it !!

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On this site there are almost all the blog posts in an easily accessible non-linear format, as well as all the animation dating back to 2008, and most of the other artwork and poetry.


Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, here's the continuation of the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two !

Verse 14

14So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt, . .. …

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Two, New International Version

Verse 14

14 So they got up, took the One during the night and left for civilization, . .. …

from the text of the animation, HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two

written by R David Foster

Verse 14 Discussion

Joseph took the initiative, and took the child and his mother, during the night and left for Egypt. In the animation text, however, both parents got up and took the infant One, and left for civilization. Both parents acted jointly, rather than one leading the other. It was a mutual decision. The infant One must be protected, and civilization is its only chance. The persecution of the One was too great for the juvenile being to overcome. It could be argued that if Jesus was divine, he could have saved himself, but such was not the case. Divinity does not overcome evil by exerting its power or authority, but by forgiveness. God makes the sun to shine on the evil and the good.

In the grand scheme of things, the infant Jesus, and the One, are protected by divine providence, just not in a magical way. Too many people seek magical solutions to their suffering, rather than participating in God's providence by seeing the opportunities he offers and taking him up on them. It is like the joke Father Paul, at St. Christopher's in Clarkson told at least once: A person prayed to God everyday in church for years - “God. .. .. please let me win the lottery!” This went on most of their lifetime. Then one day, as this person was losing their faith, they were once more, for probably the last time, praying - “God. .. .. please let me win the lottery!” Just then, the heavens opened before them ! A bright light shone down, and a voice was heard - “Help me out . .. . buy a ticket !”

Another one is a little dryer, but goes something like this. A survivor was lost at sea in a lifeboat. They prayed desperately for God to save them. Then one day a ship arrived and spotted them. They launched a rescue craft and just as they were approaching the lifeboat, they called out “Can we help you?” The survivor replied “ I'm O.K., God will save me !”

So if God makes the sun to shine on the evil and the good, and forgiveness is how to combat the opposer, Satan, then what is there for one who is suffering? Prayer, a constant sorting out of one's needs, categorizing and prioritizing and goal setting and planning and assessing and reassessing, including determined action, will resolve our situations so that we may live in JOY ! We will all die, and few are so bold as to pray to escape death, even if I have, yet we may die in JOY ! If we believe in the resurrection, as we claim to, including the resurrection of the body, as stated in both the Nicene and the Apostles Creeds, then what is death but a new beginning. Pray to be faithful in the face of death, and rely on the promise of the resurrection.

So the taking of the infant One into civilization is not its end, but a new beginning.

In the animation, the man is arrested in front of the home of a majestic daughter, as she looks on with her family. How is this escaping ? Well the persecution was so intense that the infant One would not survive unless he escaped. The parents co-operated in protecting the integrity of the infant One, yet the relationship seemed to end, just as Jesus was taken to Egypt, seemingly never to come back. But what of the One? It continues in the hearts and minds of the spouses, regardless of the presence of the other spouse, and becomes a sacred ideal, to condense once again, as it did with the majestic daughters in communion, on another suitable relationship, and guide that new relationship through any persecutions it may encounter, armed with the knowledge of past persecutions. Joseph did not return from Egypt with his holy family until Herod had died. Likewise, the One will not appear again until the persecutions it has suffered are no longer a threat, presumably when the head of the household has changed, one way or another, as this animation plays out.

Think of what would have happened if the man wasn't arrested, and the life of the One was not cut short. The persecutions would have continued, and whittled away any chance the One may have had of becoming mature. At the hands of the head of the household, the One would have been crippled and corrupted, as it dodged and bent itself out of shape to try to maintain its integrity amongst the false accusations and outrageous demands of the head of the household.

Joseph did not make any claim against King Herod, in any court. He went away and came back. Likewise, if the man is charged, he is guilty, rather than make a case against the head of the household. Let the blame rest on those making the accusations. If being a criminal was good enough for Christ, Peter and Paul, then it is good enough for us. Civilization, once again, is not interested in any infinite resolution, just order, and anything that threatens the good order of society, whether for the better or the worse, will not be tolerated. Nevertheless, civilization's imposition of order has saved the One, even if only as an ideal, to be reborn anew at a later time, in another place, with who knows being the spouses.


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