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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two Discussion of verse 4


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Since I get such a kick, still, out of blathering on about this stuff, here's the continuation of the discussion of
HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two !

Verse 4

4 When he had called together all the chief priests and teachers of the law, he asked them where the Christ a was to be born.

a 4 OR Messiah

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Two, New International Version

Verse 4

4 When all were consulted the head asked where the Christ was to be born.

from the text of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two

written by R David Foster

Verse 4 Discussion

Looking back now, I could have written “One” instead of “Christ”, but what I wrote, I wrote.

As a union of whole and part, Christ, or the Messiah, or the Anointed One, has dominion over all of us. We each are inclined toward the whole or the part, whether by choice or gender, and this inclination moves existence forward, albeit in a struggle as well as in peace. We are limited to the extent in which we are a union of whole and part, as a world or as individuals. Christ is the union of whole and part, in history as well as for all time. Christ is the Word, before all worlds. This eternal union of whole and part which is existence can be brought forth in marriage as well as many other ways. We all exist in this union of whole and part and anything new is created first as a union of whole and part. So in marriage there is the potential for creation, to the extent that the union of whole and part exist. Christ, as union of whole and part, is synonymous with the One of marriage.

So the head of the household, having heard the daughters ask where the infant One was, must track down this challenge to their authority, under the guise of curiosity and genuine interest. This is what Herod was doing and this is what the head of the household does. Under the assumption that they have the best interest of the infant One or the infant Christ as their intention, they draw their enemy closer than their friends and prepare to deal with this challenge to their authority.

The members of the church, or the chief priests and teachers of the law, may be open to the gift of the One or Christ, but nevertheless, they unwittingly allow the infant One or the infant Christ to be threatened. Each member of the church must choose for themselves if they will accept this occurrence or oppose it. There will not be a consensus arrived at, but rather, each person will decide for themselves if they will accept the One or the Christ and act accordingly.

So the One or the Christ, may appear as a person, but in reality it is a relationship. The other person in your relationship my appear to you as the One, but in reality the One is the relationship you have with the other person, rather than the other person themselves. This is a common error, this confusing the joy of the relationship with the other person, the object of your intentions. The other person may truly be the essential origin of your joy, but in reality it is your relationship with the other person that is the true source of the joy. The other person without you is nothing more than any other stranger, but your relationship with that individual bears great joy.

This true source of joy, the relationship, is trickier to explain with respect to Jesus Christ, but is still true of your relationship with Jesus Christ. To begin with, did you ever personally shake Jesus' hand ? No you haven't. But Jesus is a source of great joy. He did many things, in the past, but it is His presence to you today that brings you joy. You have not shaken hands with Jesus, but you live in an eternal relationship with Him and this is the true source of your joy. The relationship with Jesus is present to you today, if Jesus the man is not present to you today.

That is why it is so important to act on your relationship with Jesus, or your spouse, so that the relationship may bear fruit. The consequences of your actions are the only thing that really exists in this world, that can bear witness to the relationship, which bears witness to the eternal existence of the Christ or the One. The little things we do each day for Jesus or our spouse are the only things that exist in reality, and especially so for those beneficiaries of our actions based on our relationship with Jesus. What ever you do for the least of these, you do for Jesus. And the same is true for the One of the marriage relationship – whatever you do for your spouse, no matter how inconsequential, you did for Jesus, the Christ, and the One of marriage.

Finally, sometimes it is important to do nothing. This allows the spouse to come to act on the relationship. Joseph, allowed Mary to nurture Jesus in her way, and supported the Holy Family as best he could. He safely took them into hiding in Egypt, and safely brought them back to Nazareth, as opposed to Bethlehem, where Herod's influence still threatened the infant Christ. But the immaculately conceived Mary, was the one to raise Jesus up to fulfill his mission, with the blessings of Joseph. Joseph may have known that Jesus was the one to do all Joseph longed to see, rather than Joseph doing it himself, in a futile grasping at God. The union of whole and part was allowed by Joseph to exist between Jesus and his mother Mary, and blessed by Joseph, who may have judged it more powerful than anything he and Mary could accomplish. This one man, Jesus, was a product of an immaculately conceived Mary and her relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and may have been more than anything Joseph could have come up with, so he honoured Jesus by allowing Him to do his work.

Jesus is the perfect person, if Mary is the perfect Mother, and Joseph is the perfect Father. We are all called to be perfect people, in the image of Jesus, as children of God, and secondly called to be spouses, and thirdly called to be parents. The union of whole and part that exists and existed in Jesus Christ, is most readily available and full of potential in the marriage relationship. It does exist between parent and child, but this is an imbalance of power, where a true marriage is a perfect balance of whole and part.


the Second Sunday of Advent, December 4th, 2011


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