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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's One Too ! Discussion of verse 21 and verse thirteen

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Since I get such a kick out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing the discussion of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's One Too!

Verse 21

from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter One, New International Version

21 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesusc, because he will save his people from their sins.”

c 21 Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua,

which means the LORD saves.

Verse 13

from the text of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's One Too !

written by R David Foster

13 It will give birth to a One as Jesus, because the union will save people from their sins .

Verse 13 Discussion

NIV Bible text verse 21

In these verses of the animation text, the image in the animation becomes two tori, perpendicular to each other, linked and rotating longitudinally. The two hands rotating toward each other become the two tori. This is a symbol or image of the One, in its crudest form.

The common symbol or image of christianity is a cross – two lines perpendicular to each other. The image is not to be worshiped, but people find meaning in the image. Originally it was taken to be a sign of the form of torture, death and victory of Jesus, but others since then have found meaning in the cross as a symbol of their faith. This is the relationship between female and male, whole and part. The whole is the horizontal line and the part is the vertical line. The union of the two lines becomes the cross, that Jesus was nailed to and died upon. I have never heard of this implied meaning being endorsed, but it is out there.

For example, Jehovah's Witnesses profess that Jesus died on a torture stake, without a horizontal bar. Why would they do this? What does this have to do with the faith they profess. My experience with them is that they do not entertain any wholistic thinking, but rather find wholistic thinking to be superstitious and wrong. I rest my case.

My personal belief is that Jesus, the one who saves, the anointed One, was at, and is, the union of whole and part, in every respect – as a person, in history, in creation and in God. The One is more prevalent than any historical person, and is all of existence, throughout the mind, throughout accomplishments, throughout achievements, absent in failures, throughout heaven and earth, and throughout God. Furthermore, the One is alive, as Jesus is alive to all who encounter Him to this day, and is dynamic and in motion.

So I offer this crude animated image of the union of whole and part, of a rotating horizontal torus, linked with a rotating vertical torus. As the HESUS JOY CHRIST series progresses, this animated image or symbol of the One, becomes more defined, accurate and complex, but remains a remarkably simple idea.

So “ . .. . . marriage will give birth to a One as Jesus, because the union will save people from their sins.” This means that the union of marriage, the spiritual bond between two persons, one infinitely inclined toward the part, or male, and the other infinitely inclined toward the whole, or female, strikes a balance between whole and part, and may participate in all the rewards of the presence of the One as Jesus, found there. Marriage has the redeeming quality that makes all else worthwhile and successful, as any balance of whole and part does.

Nevertheless, all the Jewish teaching is fundamental to Christian teaching, and all the Christian teaching is fundamental to the spiritual bond of marriage, as well as any reality that may exist. In the path of the spiritual relationship of marriage, all the markers, trials, tribulations, sufferings, joys, death, rebirth and achievements have been marked out for us by Jesus, who lived a perfect life before God, and is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Have you ever wondered what one was supposed to do once one has had an overwhelming encounter with Jesus and has been converted, baptized, reborn or whatever? One could do charity work, join the ministry, or just join the choir, and find not much else is different from before ! How does one apply this new found faith and conviction? The answer is one must take up their cross and follow the living Jesus, the union of whole and part, wherever He leads. I assert that He will lead one to marriage, and this union of whole and part, not only is the door to the eternal, it is full of all the trials Jesus had to face as it is the same path that He walked, the balance of whole and part, and will likewise lead to death and resurrection, many times over before any final death. Each and every death is final, if not physically fatal.

Death, whether marital, professional, intellectual, emotional, social, career or physical, is the door to new life with God. If the ultimate whole and part can be united, God may dwell with us in heaven on earth. God would still be God, our One parent apart and ahead, Jesus would still be leading the Way, and the Holy Spirit would still move us, but our spouse would be the presence of God in each of our worlds. Furthermore, if the union of whole and part is fundamental to all of existence, whether an idea in a mind, in heaven, or earth, or even the existence of a stone, and is more fundamental than death, this union of whole and part may transcend death and allow life to flourish throughout a sinful world ruled by forgiveness of sin as found in the eternal forgiveness and love that is marriage. Do you believe that Christ raised Lazarus and others from the dead? I believe Jesus Christ, the prime union of whole and part, is capable of such deeds. Do you?

If one professes Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and is armed with forgiveness, they must be true to this faith they profess, throughout all shortcomings they find in themselves, as well as others, and profess this faith by word, action and deed, standing firm to the end, and accept the loving forgiveness God offers them to see them through to their new life in God and on earth. Marriage is the love and forgiveness of God applied. Where else in the world is their a more worthy application of what any religion teaches us, especially christianity.

The Theology of the Body, taught by the late Pope John Paul II, as I understand it, as proclaimed by Christopher West in his talk entitled Marriage and the Eucharist, states that putting the burden of being God on a spouse will crush the spouse. I agree. I assert, furthermore, that this is the primary reason that death will be a frequent visitor in any real marriage, but at least as many times as death darkens a marriage, the opportunity for forgiveness and new life will present itself to the marriage. The path Jesus walked is not any different from the path of a real marriage, with its many healings, understanding and teaching, as well as suffering, death and resurrection, amongst other victories.


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