Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why pilgrimage ?

Why go on a pilgrimage ?
This is it - in this hymn that is sometimes used during the formation of adult Roman Catholics.

We are all already on the pilgrimage of life, as we strive amidst others as they come and go. In other words, of Juluka, "Spirit is the journey, body is the bus, I am the driver, from dust to dust; Spirit is a story, body is a book, I am the writer, together we flow; Trying to be near you, searching for a way, listening to your life song, before it fades away."

Come and Journey

Come and journey with a Saviour
who has called us from our birth,
who has washed us in the waters,
and who loved us on the earth.

Come and journey, come and journey
with a Saviour who has come.
We are all God's sons and daughters;
in the Spirit we are one.

Come and journey, journey inward,
come and seek him deep within,
where he meets us in our living,
in our striving and our sin.

Come and journey, journey outward,
telling others of his name,
telling others of his glory,
of his cross and of the shame.

Come and journey, journey outward,
where that cross calls us to care,
where injustice and where hunger
and the poor call us to share.

Come and journey, journey upward.
Sing his praises, offer prayer.
In the storm and in the stillness
find his presence everywhere.

Come and journey, journey onward;
all our gifts we now shall bring
to the building of a city
that is holy, Christ its King.

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