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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's One Too ! -- Discussion of verses 5 & 6 and three.

Since I get such a kick out of blathering on about this stuff, I'm continuing the discussion of the animation HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's One Too!, verses 5 & 6 (& 3) this week.

Verses 5 & 6 The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter One, New International Version

5 Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab, Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth, Obed the father of Jesse,

6 and Jesse the father of King David. David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah's wife,

Verse 3 text of the animation, HJC/Matthew's One Too! By R David Foster

3 Tina became Patricia, by choice, who did not accept. Patricia became Mia, who was apparently indifferent . Mia became Marcelle through Linda, in the style of a matriarch, who endured through Jacqueline, Marysse and Dorcas, and through Texas .

Verse 3 Discussion NIV Bible text verses 5 & 6

Rahab and Ruth are prominent women of the Bible, as Ruth has her story told in the book of the Bible, Old Testament, called Ruth. The story of Rahab is in the book of the Bible, Old Testament, called Joshua, in chapter two. Rahab hid her city's enemy's Hebrew spies who had come into Jericho to assess it's military strength, before Joshua's army of the Hebrew's attacked. For this her family, gathered in her house that was identified by a red cord hung out of the window, were spared when Joshua's army massacred the city. Rahab was the mother of Boaz, more or less . . . ..

Ruth was a foreigner to the Hebrews, who when her Hebrew husband died, she accompanied her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to Israel and was taken as a wife by Boaz. It is a strong recommendation to not exclude anyone from “God's people”, as Boaz was the great grandfather of king David.

David, the boy shepherd/giant killer, and psalmist, was a great man with great faults. As king of Israel he sent Uriah into certain death because he wanted Uriah's wife. This is the lineage of Jesus, or at least of Joseph, Mary's husband.

These are the kind of people that are memorialized in the genealogy of Jesus. They are questionable as saints, but have characteristics that God takes advantage of to accomplish what will be. God can accomplish anything with whatever is at hand, which is almost entirely sinners. The Lord provides.

It was Tina who made me aware that there could be a partnership, and two years later, in grade four*, at the age of eight, I decided I would investigate this whole boyfriend girlfriend thing, but under my control and on my own terms. I, yes I alone, decided that I would pursue Patricia as my girlfriend. Patricia had other ideas. Although she did not prefer, at least openly, anybody else, she would have nothing to do with me and my advances, even though I had the loftiest of noble motives. I wanted a partner, not a co-conspirator, and not just a friend with benefits. I was rejected and abandoned the pursuit. I had chosen Patricia and she did not accept.

I drifted into an affinity for Mia, who couldn't have cared any less. But Linda, the next door neighbor, had a friend who would come over to play with our neighborhood gang, called Marcelle, and Marcelle was blessed with the same hairstyle that my mother had at the time. Linda allowed Marcelle and I to bask in each other's glow, but soon broke off her friendship with Marcelle, and Marcelle no longer came over to play.

Not to be outdone, I distinctly noticed that Marcelle was in the church choir and youth group, so I joined the church choir and youth group. The group was great, with parties such as the one “immortalized” in a ballad of my brother's entitled In That Car , which I am animating, and the choir wasn't a problem as we had a music teacher that made us sing in the school choir or else. There is always an available presence of another to colour one's mind.

This became apparent to me, not only by the affection I felt for Marcelle and her hairstyle that matched my mother's, but throughout a year away in Texas, where I still thought of Marcelle, and deliberately maintained her in my memory, in spite of thinking about more local friends such as Jacqueline, at summer camp, Dorcas in my biology and drafting classes, and Marysse who asked me if I had been canoeing in the past summer. I asked Marysse how she could tell I had been canoeing and she replied “because your biceps are so big”. That got my attention, but I deliberately maintained my attention on Marcelle, to the point of tipping the scales in favour of returning to Ontario from Texas. I was going to control this boyfriend girlfriend thing !

Under the matriarchy of my mother stood the matriarch Marcelle, in her own right, a matriarch over all comers, Jacqueline, Marysse and Dorcas . This persisted beyond her change in hairstyle.

Looking back now, this trying to control the situation, made me very attentive to my social environment, and taught me to observe, observe, observe. I would isolate to control my experience, and did not attempt to date until I was seventeen, if I could not be in control of the situation, and I never could see how I could be in control of the dating situation, so I never dated until the last months of high school. I was a free loner and a maverick. I knew my head and my affections very well. I would not risk a loss of control, especially self control, and I would not risk an irresponsible act, as I was not going to fail. Everyone was going to move away at graduation anyways so the whole dating thing seemed like stupid child's play anyways. Why would I want to get involved in that ? I wanted a real partnership.

This relationship stuff is dicey. If neither partner can be in control, than under what order or organization can any relationship be said to exist ? I would say that it is a living entity unto itself. There is an abundance of folklore and literature on the subject of just how dicey relationships are, and I am sure homosexual relationships are just as unwieldy, even if there may be less potential ultimately. If dealing with the infinite aspects of life is tough, try dealing with the moving alive target of a relationship with a real person. There never is any control, and if there is, it is not a relationship. One is left with only one choice : what am I willing to do ? One can only control their own decisions, if that, and that is the limit of controlling a relationship. Beyond that, any relationship has a life of it's own. It is a One and it is alive.

* I completed grade three and four in the same year and my birthday is at the end of the school year.


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