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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Three Fold Discussion -- Verse 10

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Continuing on to discuss verse 10 of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter Three, and the animation Matthew's Three Fold .

Verse 10

10The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

Verse 10

10The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and built into the building!”

Verse 10 Discussion

There is a bit of a theme becoming apparent in this text of the animation. We have already discussed how a body of knowledge is like a tree, reaching from the depths of the roots to the sky. We have also discussed the idea of bearing good fruit or being productive. This verse touches again on those two ideas, and then adds a twist.

Where John talks about the elimination of the tree, or body of knowledge, or religious practices, by the trees that are not bearing good fruit being cut down and thrown into the fire, Joan says something a little different. Joan takes the metaphor a little further and adds a twist. She states that the trees that do not bear good fruit will be cut down and built into the building. This is a new metaphor – the idea of a body of knowledge or religious practices as a building rather than a tree. This goes back to HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Two Four where Hesus says things like “Understand the buildings building !” where in the gospel text he is referring to the temple in Jerusalem. So instead of completely wasting the tree, or religious practices, they would be incorporated into the new religious practices, as trees are turned into lumber and used to build a building of religious practices. Do you see why animation is so suited to the expression of these ideas? Animation can state these ideas very succinctly where literature tends to run in circles.

So if the religious practices will not be completely abandoned and wasted, but rather used in a new religious practice, is this a radical idea ? No ! The christian Bible is more than half made up of the Jewish writings. The New Testament is less than half of the Bible, with the remainder being Judaic or Hebrew writings. The New Testament is the only writings that were added by christianity, no matter which Bible you choose. So if a new idea of religion, where marriage takes prominence, will still rely heavily on the old christian traditions and teachings, this is like taking the religious practices that are limited in their productiveness and re-using them in the light of marriage.

This is like the expression – don't put new wine into old wine skins, or the new wine will cause the old wine skins to burst. A new understanding of the world will make use of the old understanding but cannot be added onto the old understanding, like an appendage, but rather must transform the whole of the old understanding in light of new understanding. Christianity will in no way be abandoned by a view with marriage taking prominence, just as the Hebrew teachings are a strong foundation for christian teachings. The personal experience of marriage requires persons to be like Christ, in character, actions, and perceptions, or the marriage will fail and not experience rebirth.

As well, where there is a balance of whole and part, nothing can be dismissed or abandoned, by consuming in fire, as John states, but rather everything will be a part of the new understanding, with nothing being dismissed as irrelevant or incorrect. This acknowledges a world created by good that is all entirely good. This is a society of infinite good where the balance of whole and part in both marriage as an ideal and marriage as a specific relationship between two individuals, takes priority.

Now in the animation – did you notice the writing on the signs ? The Church that is closed is the called the “Know More Church of Can of Duh”. This expresses that it is not the accumulation of knowledge that redeems, but something else, which I will state here to be the integrity of the knowledge, whatever that may be, of what one already knows. The “Know More Church of Can of Duh” is implied to have promoted the accumulation of knowledge without end, over the integration of whatever knowledge may be had. This church is “no more” in a world where marriage takes precedence.

If a religion is an approach to infinity, then it has an eternal aspect. And the sign states “Thanks for a great eternity!” The Know More Church of Can of Duh has played out its usefulness and is no longer at the forefront of productiveness. As well, the condominium sign expresses the idea that almost everyone has sold out, if not only referring to the units sold. This is the idea that most people have given up on eternal life an joy, implying that this is not necessary. Everyone these days seems to be content with what they can have now, and do not consider what they may have for eternity.

On the other hand, the sign that is in front of the new church that is being erected, says “Coming Soon ! Church of One !”. This is the same name that is on the bus that is unloading in front of the auditorium in verse 5, previously discussed. Joan's church is expanding. And then tagged on to that sign is a board that states “Free Marriages!”. This is to imply that any attempt at marriage will not be hindered.

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