Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a preview of work in progress - this Thursday at 7:00pm on the big screen !

. . . the swirly thing, under construction, about a year ago . . .

A 59 second preview of the latest work in progress, due to be completed in about a year, is screening this Thursday at the Revue Cinema's Drop Your Shorts open screening at 7:00 pm. It strongly features the swirly thing that was completed for HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Three Fold that screened last January, again, at the Revue .
Here's a link or two :

Revue Cinema's Drop Your Shorts open screening
Revue Cinema's home page
All the animation on YouTube

Admission is $2 at the door for the approximately 2 hour long open screening of about 10 to 20 short films. As the films have not been rated there is a blanket rating of "Restricted" so unfortunately children may not attend .

If you come out to this screening I'll deliver a DVD to you when the entire episode is completed next winter !!! So you won't need to come out again :>.

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