Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy belated 19th !

I've decided not to post the swirly thing until the animation of this HJC is completed. The animation of the swirly thing has been completed long ago ( January 6th ) but anticipation is making me wait . The 4th HESUS JOY CHRIST ( Matthew Chapter 3 ) is up to about a quarter done, and is due January 30th to screen February 4th. I feel like an artistic athlete as I try to complete 3 scenes a day for this two weeks . Wish me luck, as I wouldn't want to miss the submission date.
The other 3 animations are further down on the second page so click on "Older Posts" at the botttom of the page to view them . I enjoy reading all the old posts on Sunday afternoons as this gives me a sense of continuity. For newbees, if you go back to last February and earlier, there is a fair bit of poetry.

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