Monday, September 28, 2009

Life at best is marginal . Life is marginal at best .

I'm really enjoying this fringe festival of my own I have going on these days

: > .
I'm eating too much good food and spending too much time in a family work environment . Life is good .

Think about it though .. . .. Life is boring and depressing without any excitement or challenge. Who wants to be rich and having tea parties all the time. Look at the guy from Virgin. He is rich and still does a lot of stuff that pushes the limits. He is at the margin .

A waterfront home - at the margin .
Weather happens in the bottom 10% of the atmosphere - at the margin .
Life exists above 30 feet below ground to about 300 feet above ground - at the margin .
Sea life is on shoals and at the surface, in the deep there is less life - at the margin .
Marriage, romance, love between people, in the interface - at the margin .

. ... . . and on and on .

Once again - life is good .

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