Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Bucket

A Father on the pilgrimage gave a homily that went something like this:

A bucket was remorsefull for most of her working life. The master would carry her and another bucket down to the well in the heat and cold of the seasons . Even when they were outbound, she was at the left hand of the master, along with the other faithful bucket - allways at the left hand. She believed this was because she failed at her purpose. She leaked all the way back up the hill so that she was half empty upon arrival at the cottage. The other bucket never leaked, and if it did, the master promptly repaired him. The other bucket was on the right side when serving .

One day for no apparent reason, the master kissed the bucket, and she was astonished. He said,"Dearest bucket, I thank you for your faithfull service and hope you will be with me always." She was astonished and shocked. She exclaimed without thinking "Why then am I always on the left? The other bucket serves on the right, and when he is failing you repair him, always neglecting my prayers to be more faithfull to my God given purpose !"

" Faithfull bucket, rejoice ! I always find you half full when we reach the cottage. The right side of the path on the way to the well is full of spring flowers that the wife gathers and beautifies the cottage with, and flowers summer and fall as well. Because you leak in the winter that side of the trail ices and the children play at length and must be called three times for dinner. You provide my snacks of berries as I head out to the well for the right side is full of raspberries and strawberries, that have been watered by your failings. Look at the left side: it is rocky and barren, for you are not at my right hand as I carry the bucket that doesn't leak up on that side. I carry both empty buckets on the left to snack on the berries with my right hand as I go down to the well ."

God rejoices and loves us for who we are, creatures of his creation, and does wonders with us especially because of our uniqueness and our failings.

"Lord of creation, I give you my will;

In joyful obedience your tasks to fulfill;

Your bondage is freedom, your service is song;

And held in your keeping, my weakness is strong !"

Let us love one another as God has loved us !

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