Friday, April 24, 2009

A little background to HJC - M's 2 4

The animation is a technical achievement as it is the longest animation I have done on computer, completely coloured, with varying layers, and most importantly it is lip synced, my first attempt as self taught for a work of this length. The artistic achievement is all the ( poor quality, I admit ) drawings of the Skymark site on Kingsbridge Garden Circle, and the characters, people I have known and worked with, as they are all drawn entirely from memory, although still poor likenesses . Last but first, the writing is capable of bearing the weight of analysis as it took me a month at least to get a formula and complete the 14 lines to my satisfaction as being the most concise understanding of the 24th chapter of Matthew, as well as a personal relation of how Jesus, a better and leading tradesman, is relevent in my life .
As the muse hit's me, I intend to relate using a proof system I encountered in grade ten Geometry, how each line effectively sums and directs the verses of Matthew that they stand for in the New International Version of the Bible. This will be posted here on this blog .
Essentially, if you were to take the first verse as an example, where the disciples point out the wonder of the temple buildings, the method I use is to imagine the scenario and see what fits . In the case of this verse, a disciple enjoying the marvels of his chosen profession, religion, is really only appreciating the frills and bonuses of his position, same as a good lunch, and annoyingly lacking attention to what his real purpose as a disciple is suppose to be. A nice building is just a building; Jesus was building a community of people, his body, the church, and not an earthly establishment of architecture .
Furthermore, in the face of critical analysis, I koan a confounding impression that a hick would appreciate a cheap, family pack of mass produced samosas for lunch. This is to establish that there is one truth in this scene and none other than that one truth. When you see the truth you know that is the meaning, and not that hicks should appreciate multiculturalism, because they don't appreciate it at all, by definition of a hick .

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