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HESUS JOY CHRIST - Matthew's 2 4 - discussion

Discussion of Paraphrasing
for Animation
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of Matthew Chapter 24
New International Version Thursday, April 30, 2009

Signs of the End of the Age
1 Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to it's buildings. 2 “Do you see all these things ? “ he asked . “ I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; everyone will be thrown down .”

Discussion of how verse one became “ I love my job ! “

Let's set the groundwork or ground rules for this discussion, which we will add to in order to clarify as I go along . First off, Jesus was a competent member of society, but more a tradesman than a scholar. He did not analyze and reduce everything he encountered . Instead he built up ideas and people, as he spoke from his position in society as a tradesman on his way to being a criminal and being executed . Secondly, I am discussing what the scripture means to me, and to me personally . If you feel I am directing you to see things my way because it is my way than stop reading right now. I only share my understanding to further an open discussion that will lead to further understanding, and this is only meant to be fodder for discussion, and absolutely will NOT be the last word .

Jesus was doing whatever he would do at the temple and as they leave his cronies annoy him with a stupid comment that exacerbates his concern that they may not be up to the task he has obtained them to do . He is a crew leader and the crew is proud of the poor work of their predecessors . They feel they are competent but Jesus has his doubts. He chastises them, objects to their statement and confronts their attitude with a terse comment . He then likely figures that will be the end of it . Job done - time for lunch and a nap .

Discussion of how verse two became “ Understand the building's building ! “

The issue of the temple being destroyed was not Jesus' intention for his comment . He meant that a building is only a building . It is not as everlasting as the faith and body Jesus wanted to institute . Far from it . Even as a work of architecture it would not last . Sure the Pyramids are still around but maybe that's because nothing is alive in them . If there was some life to them they would likely be air-conditioned or at least made more livable from time to time, down through the ages . A building has a purpose, and the purpose is alive. The purpose is people and people are constantly re-inventing their purposes . Mom wants a new kitchen floor that is easier to clean than linoleum tile that always looks worn and dirty anyways. Besides this is not the sixties anymore and the jetson look is retro rather than new age . St. Christopher Parish, in Clarkson was renovated with a new altar and lectern. The Anglican's like the High English of the King James Version . There is a constant pressure to renew that battles the establishment of the old, constantly . What should stay and what should go ?

Jesus could care less . He was building a community . This was necessary to maintain his presence to mankind as the Son of Man and Son of God . He was no more than a man and no less than a God . He would pass away and always be with us . No building could do that. He used the temple like you used Starbucks last time . It serves it's purpose as either convenient java or social commentary – whatever works .

The building will be renovated – the building process will build the building, again . To renovate you must tear down at least a part of the building . I am sure there is one stone on top of another at the ancient temple, but likely not any more than that . The physical building is building or being renovated . As well Jesus' following is building, or increasing, and will overtake the old ideas of God, as Christianity did in the Roman Empire and beyond. As well, Jesus wanted his disciples to be the foundation of his church . A living breathing foundation of loving people on which to establish a living knowledge and awareness of God's presence and love for mankind . This is the second meaning of “understand” - be the foundation for others to know God came and gave his life out of love for his creation – humankind . God wants us to see him face to face and know He loves us . We need to get up to speed to be with Him . Jesus came to earth to urge us on and help God by helping humanity rise to greet God.

Understand the building's building

Stand as a foundation, beneath the increasing following of Jesus, and support it as His loved ones approach God .

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