Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mental Health Solution

"I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder." -- quote of an unknown .
. . . . and I sound it so people avoid you or direct you back to our shop .

My brakes work just fine. Breaking out of the potholes requires speed and I have a good set of shocks . Whose making all these potholes anyways ? Some say it's the cars that get stuck in them and spin their wheels but others blame the people that drive too fast . I believe a road will deteriorate over time and although it could be cold patched eventually it needs to be repaved, or else even bicyclists will get knobby tires and everyone will be driving sport ( offroad ) utility vehicles . At least the right-of-way is unlikely to be removed or cut off, but it does happen. There is a high percentage of off road vehicles in Afghanistan . Are we headed there ?

Hey Dave H. ! How's it going ?
International asked me back for the season as of March 30 or so. Too bad, by my volunteering the information, they knew of this solution by the third day I worked, and I was hired without this solution, and spent the majority of my time employed there without this solution. I even lost a week to this solution, and if you hadn't interrupted an amaizing conversation on Thanksgiving, I would have spent the winter season with them, but I still would've moved to this new nominally Baptist household, where apparently I am inheriting the governership as appointed by the movingout creator of the rooms, present governor, another Dave .

This may be a parable ( not parabola but same prefix ), or running metaphor, but I don't see much of a KOAN in this relation.

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