Sunday, February 1, 2009

The only plan, now that I have proven I am capable, with or without -------, is to sit on ------ ---- ------- runs out, December --, 2009, and do a series of each chapter of Matthew, paraphrased and animated into 30 seconds of dialogue per chapter, to be distributed on youtube and by DVD, at next to no cost at all, and kayak, and then by Christmas do a paddle about for a year, with a web presence to see if there is anything to come back to when the paddle-about ( walkabout aka. Crocodile Dundee ) is complete . I have no other commitments other than a relationship that could pop up, but with no divorce beginning until June and likely not complete until September, as well as -------, I do not expect any substantial relationship to arise . If one does, it is either a fling on the other persons part, like ------, which I am free to engage in or ignore, or possibly something substantial if it survives my commitment to the formula I've discovered for interpreting the Bible into animation and folk songs.

I hope to type out the lyrics to the 12 or so songs I wrote this past summer and fall and post them on .

I am also involved with JobConnect at Sheridan Iroquois Shore and may develop a CAD consulting service of 3 or more reliable clients over the next 3 - 5 years, unless a substantial animation salaried contract materializes. The animation I am doing needs a very large body of work and a committed audience before anything substantial will come of it . A breakdown in the economy of which I am truly on the leading edge with a clear focus for the future and a substantial track record of experience all puts me in a very promising position, and the last seven months have shown me that opportunities will appear as they become necessary .

There. I finally had a chance to send you a substantial email .


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