Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If no place to stay, then a hostel, Salvation Army, on Wyecroft, if a place to stay is in the works. If not than an illegal "Paddle"about, risking the double wammy of breach and vagrancy. Otherwise the Walkabout, if not Paddleabout begins on the evening of the ides of next December, 'cuz I desperately need space to figure what I want to do, either within society or without society. What is the purpose of either ?

If I do have a place to stay until December, let's hope I am left alone and can do up an animation of the remaining (27?) Matthew. I will need to address bankruptcy if possible, and a dispute due to ODSP requiring I apply for Employment Insurance, where my multiple choice choice of why I quit could be cause for a pursuit of a resolution, if any beaurocrat wishes to initiate some sort of investigation.
Internet down so free library access only, at least for a while.


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