Monday, January 5, 2009

Never Cry Wolf

Chapter 9
Good Old Uncle Albert. Having obtained the wolves’ respect for his territory, Mowat stops fearing for his safety and concentrates on studying the wolves’ behavior. As he learns more about them, he grows increasingly fond of the hard-working, responsible adult wolves and their frisky little pups, naming the regal father George, the elegant mother Angeline. Mowat also sees a third adult in the group, the helpful, older, probably widowed male, Uncle Albert. At first unsure of Albert’s function other than as an auxiliary hunter, Mowat discovers that the older male serves as a kind of all-purpose baby-sitter, relieving mother Angeline when the energetic pups are about to exhaust her.

Look up to Uncle Albert.
That is my lot in life,
and Franck can skate half a lap in the time it takes me to skate a full lap, legally,
after only being on skates for the first time 4 days ago
- New Year's Day ( Julian Calendar ) .

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