Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Volume One :- ) Issue 003 :+ () the comedy stylings of Jesus

This is something like the way Wes Seeliger ( deceased ) was told to witness, and this is published in print and he is only an Anglican Priest but in the US he is episcopalian . . . .my leg .

Back in old Jerusalem

Lived a guy named Paul

Hogged tied like a dogie

to the Hebrew law

Than a dream from Heaven

Came to set him right

Now he dines with gentiles

Eating pork on Friday night

Note from publisher : This issue seems to have indicated that this series may have the potential to open the gates to Hello to anyone not in the sheepfold . Goat Milk ?

P.S. Yes, how did you guess; Wes Seelinger was misfortunate enough to have been actually born a Texanian .

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