Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't forget I picked Psalm 137, as well . . . .

Two Psalms of Lament

David Foster, tune too soon

I am me and so are you

Read this now to doubt it's true

I'll affirm you've understood

I am gone, God's said should

Regardless gone, somehow I know

I am belief below proofs no show

Myself, I work at nothing

Daydream an Impossible Dream

Entirely fostering nothing

And loving everything

With heart, mind and soul

Serving God and King

To find when I am gone

Emmanuel finding me

Serving all the world

To solely acknowledge me

And once when done

Like Jerusalem's King

Lion heart last to partly fall off

Predictably amaising*

Pass the 24

This is an end

Without further I do

Warily unaware

Love all conjugations

Of face and book

To one day find apparent.

*Obvious spelling errors can be a little too corny but rest assured in the inherent belief that all puns are punished .

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