Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ay o bubs. . . Cheerio my deario . . LIH-TYD ; }

Be fully assured, that as always, since 1982, I honour the mental health community and the secular authority God alone has granted them as guardians of my mental capacity, and this has led my immediate mental health community to know I will not only comply but even force their assistance if pressed by other secular authorities, and my Halton Healthcare medical records to October 2008 total a nominal 500 pages which released will cost about $400 in payment for compiling them, to be made to Clinical Records at OTMH .

Since Thursday Morning: . . .

Insurance agents cannot bring themselves to address my 3 complaints of a possible 5 registered with the Ombudsman at the parent company, in one single phone call I made, not counting one additional message to the same Ombudsman at the parent company 2 days later, in at least 8 calls placed from them to me over 3 days, even acknowledging my 25 minutes of my many phone calls to many people as directed, ending by 8:50 Thursday morning .

The winter getaway was within 50 cents of 25% of what I budgeted, and not needed at all, due to an unanticipated overwhelmingly more graceful solution .

I was able to get to Milton and back, and still meet with counselor and doctor, who would not in any way try to encourage me to be medicated, other than to assure me it is entirely available, for free without any program of payment, as it was from 1994 until married and on ODSP the third week of November 1997, if I wish to take advantage of the sedative effect alone, and actually not only acknowledging but even stating that is the only benefit of all medication I have ever been prescribed by Halton Healthcare .

I was then able to complete the sketchbook so as to tell the complete development of HESUS JOY CHRIST - Matthew's 24, on the bus to where I picked up my car exactly where I left it, as I told everyone I shared a detention cell with, at a private carport where one unnamed gentleman called about 3 times from a cell phone although I never heard a message or talked to him, but through other's know his mother was trying to sell, finding the keys on the seat, the money, cell phone and completed job applications strewn exactly as I had almost deliberately left them, and completely uninterrupted, prepared the car by warming up the engine and stereo while brushing snow and scraping ice for at least ten minutes. Let it be stated that one free phone call would have been sufficient for the police to tow and impound at about $150 per day charged to the owner of the car, as confirmed by the police station cell guard who brushed off my suggestion of " How do you think I arrived from Oakville ? " .

I was disturbing enough to enjoy private occupancy although yet allowed amusing communication with all other detainees . The culmination of this was a resounding laugh at my chained gesture of dumbfounded awe in attempt to answer the awesomely intimidating seated sergeant's question " Everything O. K. ? ", from all other line chained detainees as well as guards . A negative answer such as "No" would have been taken as an attempt at accusing captors of illegally beating me and possibly other detainees. There is no doubt that this is a true real understanding because the sergeant's succeeding question to clarify was " Did we beat you ? ", and I could not say "No!!" quick or firm enough, although they all were happy how quickly and firmly I said it, by their wide wide sincerely amused and happy smiles .

Saying you feel like singing will distinguish the most fearful of fellow detainees in your cell by how forcefully they entirely imply one would never want to do such a thing as sing . :-X ;-) :-)

"Anyone got toilet paper ?" is how everyone afforded the means, rolls with the stress of detention, unless some sort of incense magically burns mounted in a vent by it's roll of toilet without anyone ever aware of it at all. I mean it - no one at all had any wick of an idea how that queer smelling rolled up smoking wad of toilet paper that the guy no one acknowledged lit and stuck in the vent ever got there at all, and don't even suggest that the guards could see anything in full plain view by looking between the bars ! Know any other parts of Mississauga or Brampton anything like this ? ( Don't send me a list, my computer is entirely less sufficient than the incapacity of the world wide web to handle that universe of a list ! )

: ]

Ask me three times then I will reverse my answer like clockwork for you to deny you have advised my reconsideration . How does that relate to Peter's denial of Christ !


The problem of a hermit is people are the most wonderful thing of all, and the most problematic. I know this . Somebody somewhere has to begin to admit I am a happy guy. Remember the Facebook status update: " I am fed up with people suffering my JOY ! Suck it up, die, and get on with life ." Has no one any faith at all? This is why people are afraid of me, because I am happy and they are afraid they will be. Sure, it will suck again, and then it will be wonderful again . Does nobody want a challenge? What's the difference ?


As well, by the end of the day, I am now certain that LIFT is more eternal than dead, as I will state boldly now and ever. I had a conversation over a beer at the door on my way out to have a smoke . Suffice it to say the Minister of Culture for Ontario, I am told and merely choose to believe without any further proof, is calling an unknown uneducated beyond grade eight, drifter and University Professor, to talk to him who wears the beard Jane VanDeBan blessed me and Lois Allan with .


" In the East a giant is awakening, and in the south we feel the rising tide,
The soul that holds the spark that breathes the breath to your life, can no longer be made to hide . "
- Johnny Clegg


Cruel Crazy Beautiful World, Johnny Clegg and Savuka, 1990


Vid93 bein' To wordie . . .

There is nothing there yet, but the empty site, but I do not want to loose all that I have written since not counseling Irene constantly, and want to make it all readily available, albeit stripped of any personal references, if God grants me the grace to have the capacity . I really would prefer things more like " Accounting 101 ", and "Ministry to Me" ( Clayton at Briscott ), to appear there, rather than an endless debate over who is less wrong, which i will curtly kill in any required email .


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