Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Accounting 101.00000000000001

Accounting 101
CLASS 01 OF ONE : GUEST SPEAKER “ JESUS “ by special direct feed, please tune in any way you can .

To address the current accounting crisis – Applying Ice Cold Logic Impressively Intimidating to “Spock “, the fictional alien .

The current accounting crisis appears to the non – interested but definitely affected onlooker, as the end of many things as we may personally, financially or dare even culturally know it. This is a crisis, a point demanding assessment of the situation, decision, and action to correct with whatever control means are available, and if possible could be an opportunity to leap forward . Some congressman blamed future administrations as well as many others for this opportunity . This may have been a slip of the tongue but what is a slip of the tongue and why is that so humorous if it is not curious or interesting, and not even worth mentioning .

Let's take a step back. Basically, the people that keep track of value, took someone's value that they were safekeeping for them, since they were not using it, and loaned it to someone else. That person that they loaned it to suffered misfortune and will not return it. The value that existed is gone . Something became nothing .

More specifically, as an example, a house was built that would not have been built if the people that keep track of value, had not encouraged someone with accumulated value to allow the house to be built . Now the house that was built with that generous value no longer exists because the value that was transformed into that house no longer exists. Let's observe and confirm . The house is not occupied, it is not maintained, it has a sale price that most likely dropping, and therefore it as a decreasing value that will or at least could become null. But, the house will exist unless some other entirely unrelated, hopefully, calamity occurs to it . This is the point of control that is presented to us as an opportunity .

The concern most will have is with the way I have expressed the situation and not necessarily any particular point stated being in any way questionable. Yet I feel it is important to continue in the way of expressing to communicate my understanding effectively, succinctly, and clearly .

The value was only a record of value. It was not the material, labour or even effort that created the house. It is the means by which all the material, labour and effort were obtained, but it is not any of those three things . It is a method of organization on which people can have faith because they can see and therefore are more likely to believe that if they participate and provide effort into the creation of the house they will not be lost financially and need not fear and therefore respond and act to avoid foreseen calamities that they can imagine .

The accounting system did nothing other than provide the faith necessary to allow people to allow themselves to allow God to work through them to bless them by blessing others with a house .

The opportunity we have in this crisis is to decide if we can use this point of control to move better and gooder or stay here where we are capable of having this opportunity again, both as individuals, communities, cultures, anthropological entities, and evolving concepts of self. We can see this as an example of God showing us that something is there because all we have seen in this situation that absolutely demands our attention in every way, is nothing . Could it be God that is there. Why can I not prove this . Perhaps the only thing that exists is not available to prove that it exists. Why could it be this way ?

I find this all joyfully amusing because at least I need not worry about my appointment with Lorraine Giroux, at BDO Dunwoody, at 151 Randall Street, Oakville, Ontario, CANADA, at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008, to discuss whether bankruptcy is actually possible because I will be able to pay them, if it is possible to do it, if it is justified . I need not worry but I must have all documents at that place at that time, whether professionals are able to provide or not . My situation demands absolutely my complete and total attention, but there is nothing I can do to affect the outcome, other than minor tasks that will confirm my attention to others. If the anxiety is straining I can love someone or everyone I meet to pass the time and distract myself from my ability/inability to determine one but not all things that concern me .

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